We make sense of analytics to help companies enhance the way they engage with customers, employees and partners. By combining Business Intelligence and analytics frameworks, iOmega Technologies develops custom strategies and architecture that accelerate value through advanced data management. We help clients refine services and products to outperform competition. Our best-of-breed analytical models and systems integration help your data drive experience.

Our flexible approach enables us to deliver projects across diverse market sectors by turning existing data into valuable knowledge. iOmega brings you a comprehensive business analytics tools to add incremental value, and deliver results that are both measurable and definitive. In today’s dynamic and connected world, a key business imperative is increasing customer value. We work closely with clients to leverage data in order to drive value across the customer relationships chain.

Some of the benefits of our Service Analytics package are:

  • Increased customer retention and satisfaction
  • Portfolio analysis and optimization
  • Seamless implementation on all levels
  • Risk regulation and elimination of human error
  • Advanced data management
  • Digital organization with actionable social insights

Service Analytics enables automation of day-to-day operations across the supply chain, improving customer experience and giving more control to the Service Reps. Our key objective lies in delivering an end-to-end solution for sophisticated BI and analytics that brings extensive value to companies from digital footprints.